A Hackathon For The Financial, Legal And Professional Services (FLPS) Sector

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What is a Hackathon?

Hackathons have their origins in the tech sector and are typically used to develop new technology solutions or ideas. The premise is that: working with people from different backgrounds, with complementary skills in a time-pressured environment on a shared goal, creates fresh ideas and a rich learning environment. The unique experience can also provide a strong foundation for long-lasting relationships and future collaboration

What are the benefits of taking part?

  • Meet other leaders (current and future) from across the FLPS sector
  • Shape a response to a social challenge
  • Develop priority skills such as critical thinking, strategic thinking, problem solving, collaboration and innovation
  • Have fun!

"You can't solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level."

Albert Einstein

Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought.

Albert Szent-Gyorgi

Throughout history, people with new ideas—who think differently and try to change things—have always been called troublemakers.

Richelle Mead

Who, when, where, what?

The essential details you need to know about the 2018 Sweetmans FLPS Hackathon.


7 firms will take part in the pilot: Acuity Legal, Capital Law, Development Bank of Wales, Hodge Bank, Legal & General, Principality and PwC.


Evening of 5th July (5-7.30pm) for the launch and a short briefing; followed by full day on 6th July (9am – 6pm).


Launch Event Milk & Sugar, The Old Library, The Hayes in central Cardiff Main Event The Old Library conference room, The Hayes


The challenge for participants is: How can the FLPS sector support the wellbeing of employees and/or the communities of Wales?

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Who's taking part?

You will work in a team with representatives from the seven pilot firms. Each of the teams will be joined by one of the Alacrity Foundation’s tech graduates to reflect the fact that hackathons work best when there’s a mix of skills and experiences to draw upon in each team. The Alacrity participants will also bring some tech knowledge and skills, should the team require it! Each team will also have access to an online platform to support both your ‘idea formation’ and your pitch at the end of the day.

1. The Challenge

How can the FLPS sector support the wellbeing of employees and/or the communities of Wales?

There are many models of wellbeing and they all emphasise, to different degrees, the importance of, and interplay between,  psychological, physical, social and financial health. In the workplace, research shows that wellbeing is a major factor in employee performance and productivity, and therefore in organisational effectiveness; and improved wellbeing is good for society as it releases pressure on public services and promotes healthy communities.

Your team can interpret and shape your response to the challenge as you see fit – focusing on one or all the facets of wellbeing. Possible solutions are endless ….

2. Launch event, 5-7.30pm on Thurs 5th July:

The purpose of the launch is:

  1. To introduce participants to their online platform and hackathon team mates
  2. To support teams to consider how you might respond to the hackathon challenge
  3. To build excitement for the hackathon and the FLPS sector’s potential impact as a collective

Hear from Sophie Howe, Wellbeing and Future Generations Commissioner on what wellbeing means for Wales; Steve Hughes, CEO Principality on the role of employers in supporting the wellbeing of employees and the wider communities of Wales; and Lynn Pamment, Senior Partner Wales, PwC on the impact of wellbeing on individuals and the wider FLPS Sector.

3. The Full Hackathon Day , 9am-6pm on Friday 6th July

Teams will be supported throughout the Hackathon day with:

  1. The development process – ideation, marketplace and action planning
  2. Key skills development – critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and collaboration
  3. Communication – an online platform will enable teams to work collaboratively on their idea and prepare the pitching material.

4. The Pitch

At the end of the day participants will pitch their ideas/ solutions to a panel.

Thank you to the panel:

Lloyd Powell, Head of ACCA Cymru Caroline Thompson, CEO Bethespark Dylan Jones Evans, Professor of Entrepreneurship, USW Tanya Nash, Head of Performance, Office of Wellbeing and Future Generations. The winner will have the opportunity to work their idea up further to present to the wider FLPS group in the autumn. All ideas will also feature in the Wellbeing and Future Generations publication.

Find out why we’re running this event

Event Locations

Main Event

The Old Library Conference Room, The Hayes

Launch Event

Milk & Sugar, The Old Library, The Hayes

Why here, why now?

Around 60,000 people are employed in the FLPS sector in Wales, which contributes 7.5% of GDP – a figure which is expected to grow over the next decade. The sector has the highest average GVA per person per hour of any sector in Wales, with total GVA topping £11.6 billion. Wales was the UK’s hotspot for growth in companies in the sector in 2015 and South Wales was designated by the UK government as a financial centre of excellence – one of only eight outside London. More broadly, Cardiff has been one of the fastest growing of the UK’s 10 core cities outside London over the past decade. It is projected to grow by a further 20% – faster than any other core city – over the next 20 years. All in all, the sector is a major contributor to the Welsh economy and society. Through taking part in this triple bottom-line hackathon, its current and future leaders have the unique opportunity to work together to demonstrate the sector’s role in wealth generation and also address some of the pressing challenges of our time.

Background to the concept and who we are?

Sweetmans and Partners is committed to responsible business practice. One of the ways we deliver against our commitment is to convene a group of 25 financial, legal and professional service (FLPS) firms to work together to futureproof the FLPS sector in Wales.

A key theme, from discussions to date, has been the need for future leaders to develop a common set of non-technical skills, together with broader experience and networks. This reflects a trend in the wider economy and, highlighted by organisations such as the World Economic Forum, for increasingly important ‘soft skills’, such as critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.

To meet this need, we’re piloting this hackathon for rising stars in the FLPS sector.

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